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About Happy.Better.Wiser.

If words matter and a picture is worth thousands of them, picking the right words to say to your loved ones on the anniversary of their birth is no easy task or an indifferent one.

This is where Happy.Better.Wiser comes in: a website with an increasingly wide variety of the most original and inspiring quotes and wishes on the internet. New wishes, wise quotes & many other greetings are posted on a weekly basis and our team is constantly working to give you the freshest ideas for the wishes you would like to send to the birthday girls & boys of the day!

Our high quality content -original wishes and famous or new quotes in images- is here to inspire, move & send vibes of affection or give you the means to do this yourself! Sharing our wishes or images will spread the joy we feel when we receive a valuable gift, so why not gift these beautiful lines as often as possible?

For any contact, suggestion or any other remark, please feel free to use the contact page or comment on any of our pages.

All our quotes and wishes are free for private use, which includes use with email or sharing on social networks (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter), sms texting, written reproduction on a personal card, etc.).

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